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Sat, Apr. 2nd, 2005, 08:31 pm

hey, this is gala, who has hacked vere's account. vere, if you read this, i will cut your eyeballs out.

It was all Sirius’ fault, I swear. We were at this social and he got pretty hammered. He was never a gentle guy, I’d have to go to Peter for that, and when he was drunk he was even worse. So, he started a fight with a guy and as it turned out, the guy was much closer to the family then he was. So, Sirius was asked to leave. Mum informed me that floo’ing is extremely dangerous while drunk, and in his condition he would fall off any broom. Unfortunately, single at the time, he had no way to get home unless he got a ride.

The night was still young -well, if before dawn was considered early- and I was asked by my parents to take him home-if asking consists of orders-please and thank you. Not that I was exactly miserable about it. Let me start off by saying that he's a pretty hot guy, very muscular, always works out and takes care of himself and plays on a couple of teams. I got him on to his motorbike, I sat near the handles and Mum tied him to me with a piece of rope. He was out, so it was obviously quiet driving to his place. Since hearing was gone, and visibility was near nil, the other sensations kicked in.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of his gym bag in the back seat. I was dazed thinking about maybe taking that bag from the back, once I dropped him off home, to borrow any of his sweaty gear to jerk off too. Once in a while I had a chance to turn around to peak at his bulging crotch in his dress pants, but for the most part I had to keep my eyes on the street.

When we finally get to his place, I tried for a few minutes to wake him. Then I decided screw it, and just Leviosa’d him to his room. I got him in his bed, then I took his jacket and shoes off before I headed back into the garage to get my hands on his gym bag. Sure enough his Quidditch jockstrap was in there. I pulled it up to my face and sniffed it for a while, while I put my other hand in my dress pants and felt myself.

Staring at his motorcycle, sniffing his gym gear and thinking about how this hot straight guy is totally knocked out with no one around except me brought up some pretty bad thoughts in my mind. I decided to put the bag back in the car and get the real thing. So, I headed back to his bedroom. There he slept with his bulge ready for some attention.

I figured as drunk as he was he wouldn't remember anything the next day. I had to take the risk and go for it. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down a bit and there, just one more layer away under his white briefs, was my Godfather’s cock. I was shakey, but I slowly slid my hand into the slit in the underwear and reached for his cock. I could feel the foreskin, which was nice. I slowly pulled it and he didn't move, so I took it a step further. I moved my hand, pulled down his Y fronts, and took him in my mouth.

He moved a couple of times and eventually opened one eye and shouted “What the fuck are you doing?”.

I pulled away. I paused for a few seconds and said “I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore if you don't want“.

He responded with a quick "faggot" and clonked out. I decided to stop it there and leave. I floo’d back to the party, though I didn’t have much fun. What if he remembered, and told dad? They were best friends.

A few days later he invited me to one of his Quidditch games, like he usually does. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was pretty proud of himself for making it. It was a triple A team, one step down from International. Dad claimed he could have done it, but I wasn’t so sure.

The game was over, but they decided to still play around a little longer. They had rented the pitch for the night and didn't want it to go to waste. I waited around for a while and by that time most of the other guys were gone. My uncle opened the door of the change room and told me to come hang out inside instead of being a loner out by the field. So, I accepted his invitation. Only he and a man with curly black hair that I didn’t recognise were in there.

The man with green eyes took off his jersey and noticed my eyes staring at his torso, so I looked away. I had nothing to do but sit on the bench nervous, sniffing the same exact smell I had loved in Sirius’ gym bag the week before. The guy with the shirt off kept looking at me, but I could hardly look at him and he made me feel so small for some reason.

Sirius came back into the change room and locked the door after him. It isn't typical for anyone to lock the door of a change room and that made my heart pound even harder.

My uncle came in and said "Reg, we have 20 minutes to get out of here."

‘Reg’ did nothing but grin his strange grin.

My uncle came up to me and just said out loud “So Harry, why were my pants pulled down the other day when I woke up?“. I knew what was about to happen and it surpassed all the thoughts I could ever imagine. My godfather unbuttoned his Quidditch robes and the other quickly came beside him.

I never even had a chance to answer Sirius; before I knew it he put his hands right behind my head and rammed his crotch in my face. Obviously I couldn't see anything that was going on, but my fantasy of having sex with him was not turning out the way I expected it to be. I just wasn't prepared. I had no chance of having control when two built guys were totally taking advantage of me.

When I was pulled away from him crotch, Reg stuffed a jockstrap in my mouth and did the same thing my uncle did. My nose was buried in this guys pubes while my mouth was filled with a dirty jockstrap. Soon my uncle grabbed my legs and pulled me so that my back ended up where my ass was eventually on the bench and my legs were pulled right up towards the ceiling.

The guy got on top of me with his knees on either sides of my shoulders while he sat on my chest with his crotch in my face. He pulled out the jock strap and stuffed his cock down my throat. His hands grabbed my wrists and held so I couldn’t move. Sirius was holding my ankles up in the air, but I couldn't really see him. At that point he basically rammed his big uncut straight cock right up my ass. The guy on my face moved back and forth. If he was expecting me to lick or eat his ass I wasn't into it. This went on for a while until the other guy sprayed his cum all over my face without even touching himself. All I could think about is how much I was in pain because these guys were hurting me. Moving on, my uncle eventually shot inside of me, but that wasn't the end. Because, then Reg stood up, and let go of my wrists. And he bent down and kissed me. And Sirius was even weirder. For a man that had practically raped me, he was gentle as he helped me stand up and patted me on the head.